Do I need to be an artist to paint at The Painted Peacock???

   Everyone has an artist in them...we help you find it!  Any age, any experience level, you will leave feeling proud of your work!


Is my child too young to paint???

   NO!  We can help put a handprint/footprint on any of our pottery!  If your child can hold a paintbrush, they can help paint the background...there is nothing sweeter than a piece painted by your child.  If they can't hold a paintbrush... that's what fingers are for!


How long does it take to get my pottery back???

   It only takes 4 days to get your food-safe pottery back!  We hold it for one month after that, so don't worry about coming back on the EXACT day it is finished.


Why does it take 4 days to get it back???

   After you finish your painting, we take it to the back room and let it dry over night.  We then hand dip each piece into a clear glaze that ensures the finished product is super shiny and foodsafe!  After that dries, we load it into the kilns (those big ovens) and fire it up!  It takes about 9 hours for it to get hot enough (roughly 1,831 degrees), but it's really the cooling process that takes a while.  Once the kiln cools down, we unload it, sort it and bring it up front where you folks eagerly await it!  


Is it dishwasher/microwave safe???

   This pottery is handpainted with love by you...we recommend it stays away from either of these harsh appliances.  


I'm not creative, will you paint a piece for me???

   Of course, but it's gonna cost a bit more.  We believe that with the right help and tools (both of which we provide) you can paint just about anything!  We are more than happy to help you out, but if custom work is what you are looking for, just speak with a manager and we will get you situated!  Check out our gallery page for examples of previous custom orders!


I have some old pottery from my grandmother, can I paint it at The Painted Peacock???

   Unfortunately, pottery is not labeled with any specifications of firing temperature or glaze compatability.  For the safety of our customer's work, we can only fire pottery that has been purchased at The Painted Peacock.


Give us a call if you have any other questions!  252-758-1100


Please note that our hours may change as the current situation changes.   Facebook messenger is a great way to stay connected with us.





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